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742 Heart Warming Poems
160742 Heart Warming PoemsR142.64
A Guide on using the ACE Programme
700213A Guide on using the ACE ProgrammeR45.15
Academic Permanent Record - Foreign Schools
324Academic Permanent Record - Foreign SchoolsR170.54
Administrators Manual
731001Administrators ManualR3,522.67
Application for Privileges  (50 p.pack) (SA)
366Application for Privileges (50 p.pack) (SA)R81.36
Bereblad vir Afrikaans Skryfstukke (NSC)
13138Bereblad vir Afrikaans Skryfstukke (NSC)R37.03
Bible Stickers  180/pack
430070Bible Stickers 180/packR58.51
Blue Stars (168) (SA)
430134Blue Stars (168) (SA)R34.64
Book Report (50 p.pack) (SA)
385Book Report (50 p.pack) (SA)R153.71
Botswana Desk Flag
1000017Botswana Desk FlagR55.05
Christian Desk Flag
430002Christian Desk FlagR56.76
Christian Flag 180 x 120
1000006Christian Flag 180 x 120R1,331.81
Christian Flags 90cmx60cm
1000005Christian Flags 90cmx60cmR553.85
Congratulation Slips (50 p.pack) (SA)
367Congratulation Slips (50 p.pack) (SA)R73.83
Corrective Action Notice  50 pk (SA)
313Corrective Action Notice 50 pk (SA)R71.53
Desk Flag Stands
1000030Desk Flag StandsR20.03
English & Word Building Diagnostic KEY (Foreign)
438English & Word Building Diagnostic KEY (Foreign)R207.55
English Diagnostic TEST (Foreign Schools)
437English Diagnostic TEST (Foreign Schools)R207.55
English Rules (SA)
1100170English Rules (SA)R85.00
Goal Card - Grade 1 - 2 (50 p.pack (SA)
305Goal Card - Grade 1 - 2 (50 p.pack (SA)R165.00
Goal Card - Primary G1-2 (Single) Home School (SA)
700305Goal Card - Primary G1-2 (Single) Home School (SA)R4.85
Goal Check Report (50 p.pack (SA)
380Goal Check Report (50 p.pack (SA)R218.52
Goal Check Report Home School (Singles)  (SA)
700380Goal Check Report Home School (Singles) (SA)R4.85
Gold Stars (168) (SA)
430131Gold Stars (168) (SA)R34.64
Good Parent Manual (SA)
400Good Parent Manual (SA)R352.05
Green Stars (168) (SA)
430133Green Stars (168) (SA)R29.41
Help I am a Manager (SA)
1000011Help I am a Manager (SA)R64.29
High School Goal Card H/S 25 Gr 3-12 (S.A)
311-AHigh School Goal Card H/S 25 Gr 3-12 (S.A)R50.52
High School Goal Cards Gr 3-12  (250 p.pack) (SA)
311High School Goal Cards Gr 3-12 (250 p.pack) (SA)R434.93
Holy Bible
175Holy BibleR541.84
Home Educators Manual National(SA)
700210Home Educators Manual National(SA)R431.93
Home School Student Orientation PACE
1000046Home School Student Orientation PACER60.00
Homework Assignment Sheet  50pk (SA)
312Homework Assignment Sheet 50pk (SA)R44.87
Honor Roll Certificate A (Pack of 10)
328Honor Roll Certificate A (Pack of 10)R86.62
Honor Roll Certificate B (Pack of 10)
428Honor Roll Certificate B (Pack of 10)R86.62
Honor Roll Projection FORM (50 p.pack) (SA)
381Honor Roll Projection FORM (50 p.pack) (SA)R50.52
Lesotho Desk Flag
1000020Lesotho Desk FlagR43.49
Mozambique Desk Flag
1000025Mozambique Desk FlagR64.29
New SA Permanent Record Card (50p.pack
342New SA Permanent Record Card (50p.packR218.52
Nigerian Desk Flag
1000014Nigerian Desk FlagR55.05
NIV Life in the Spirit Study Bible
BIB1005NIV Life in the Spirit Study BibleR172.56
Norwegian Desk Flag
10000001Norwegian Desk FlagR49.57
Oral Report Evaluation
377Oral Report EvaluationR78.11
Parent Orientation PACE
576Parent Orientation PACER102.34
Permanent Record Card (Home School) Single Foreign
700324Permanent Record Card (Home School) Single ForeignR3.76
Physical Science Tutorial Grd12 (NSC)  (03/12)
13150Physical Science Tutorial Grd12 (NSC) (03/12)R55.91
Procedures Manual 1 Learning Center Essentials Fiv
75925Procedures Manual 1 Learning Center Essentials FivR2,477.98
Procedures Manual 2 Reading Programs
75926Procedures Manual 2 Reading ProgramsR1,560.84
Progress Report (50 p.pack) Foreign Schools
316Progress Report (50 p.pack) Foreign SchoolsR119.49
Progress Report (Foreign Home Sch) Single (SA)
700316Progress Report (Foreign Home Sch) Single (SA)R8.86
Purple Stars (280)
430135Purple Stars (280)R119.24
Red Stars (168) (SA)
430132Red Stars (168) (SA)R29.41
SA Maths Diagnostic TEST 1001-1108 (08/16)
443SASA Maths Diagnostic TEST 1001-1108 (08/16)R156.03
SA Maths Diagnostic Test KEY 1001-1108 (08/16)
439SASA Maths Diagnostic Test KEY 1001-1108 (08/16)R81.46
Sample Cumulative Record Folder
525Sample Cumulative Record FolderR67.70
Silver Stars (168) (SA)
430136Silver Stars (168) (SA)R34.64
Social Studies Diagnostic Test
462Social Studies Diagnostic TestR207.55
South African Desk Flag
1000000South African Desk FlagR66.22
South African Flag 180 x 120
1000004South African Flag 180 x 120R604.76
South African Flag 90cmx60cm
1000003South African Flag 90cmx60cmR366.48
Student Folder
430087Student FolderR156.08
Student Handbook
475Student HandbookR78.11
Student Orientation Training Pace (SA)
1000048Student Orientation Training Pace (SA)R82.40
Student Progress Card (Star Chart) 50p.pack (SA)
308Student Progress Card (Star Chart) 50p.pack (SA)R227.60
Student Progress Chart (Home School) Singles (SA)
700308Student Progress Chart (Home School) Singles (SA)R8.97
Supervisor's Progress Card  (50 p.pack (SA)
309Supervisor's Progress Card (50 p.pack (SA)R179.73
Supervisor's Progress Card (Single) Home School
700309Supervisor's Progress Card (Single) Home SchoolR4.85
Swaziland Desk Flag
1000022Swaziland Desk FlagR49.57
Tanzanian Desk Flag
1000015Tanzanian Desk FlagR55.05
Teachings from the Word of God
BIB1008Teachings from the Word of GodR25.95
Training Progress Chart 30 pk (SA)
307Training Progress Chart 30 pk (SA)R119.49
Yellow Stars (168) (SA)
430137Yellow Stars (168) (SA)R34.64
Zambian Desk Flag
1000021Zambian Desk FlagR55.05
Zimbabwean Desk Flag
1000018Zimbabwean Desk FlagR66.04
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